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Event Coordination, Planning & Management

Organization • Unity • Enthusiasm

Liz Hammond Events is an all-inclusive events team with over 40 combined years of experience.

As your event planner, we can do anything for you from day-of coordination to complete event management (including invitations and RSVPs). From bridal showers, to weekend getaways, to the wedding day, we are here for you!

If you own a venue and are looking for a team to manage events on your property, our venue management team might be the perfect fit for you! Our team leads tours with potential clients, contracts with vendors, implements your desired routines for your property, advertises, and meets with clients throughout the planning process. 

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Liz Hammond
Event Coordinator and Planner


Brittany S. -- Maid of Honor

Wow! Liz Hammond was the PERFECT party coordinator when planning my sister’s bridal shower!


I had no idea where to start except for some pins on Pinterest and Liz was able to take those ideas and create a cohesive vision.  She looked at my budget and time constraints and was able to tell me what decorations and pieces would make a big statement without all the extra time and money. She helped me pare down these extravagant ideas into something manageable but without sacrificing the aesthetic look we were trying to create. 


For example, Liz knew having a peacock chair and a sunburst divider would be a worthwhile statement piece and she coordinated with a rental company for me. She took care of all communication so the only thing I had to do was show up (What a relief for a busy working mama!). She showed me how doing an ombre DIY dye sheet as a backdrop would be more work than it was worth and offered an even better photo backdrop that took both less time and money while adding texture and cuteness!


From creating a budget to designing invitations to creating a schedule of events, Liz thought through every aspect of the party and as a result, I was able to have fun and not be stressed. Everyone raved about how fun and cute the shower was! The event went so smoothly and I attribute it to her detailed planning. 


As far as personality, Liz brought so much enthusiasm to the party planning that it was contagious. It felt like spending time with a really happy, funny girlfriend who also happened to be on her game with communication. Liz was always texting and emailing me updates and asking questions and responding promptly -- it felt like having a party planning godmother alongside me turning pumpkins into carriages with her happy bippity boppity boo magic! If I ever throw another party again, I am definitely hiring Liz Hammond! 

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